Right ad, right person, right time = improved performance and better RoI

Programmatic allows pharma marketers to gain valuable data insights which can be used to optimise pharma campaigns in real time. Utilise our data driven solutions to better understand the HCP user journey and plan your campaigns more effectively

Key benefits for advertisers

  • Aggregation of health publishers into a single buying point for efficiency
  • Direct communication with all HCPs across brand safe medical environments.
  • Cost efficiency for clients due to precise audience targeting with zero wastage
  • Increase ROI by using the above insights to refine campaigns, in real time
  • Overall better performance and data insights from programmatic technology
  • Up to 50% performance improvements over “direct” booked campaigns on ctr and viewability

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Case studies

“We partner with the best healthcare publishers and Apps in the world helping pharma brands reach the most engaged HCP audience on any device”

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We combine the power of programmatic with high quality client services to deliver fully automated campaigns